How Can I Sell a Rental House With Tenants In Charleston?

Owning a rental property is not as easy as it seems. You have the responsibility to keep it in the best conditions possible and ensure you provide a pleasant stay for your tenants. Likewise, it comes with many challenges, such as the cost of upkeep, lack of liquidity, and potential problems with tenants.

Common Struggles For Landlords

The downside of renting a property has to deal with undesired situations that involve misunderstandings with tenants. You will want to make everything clear in your lease agreement to avoid any problems. 

Broken Appliances: if your rental property comes with appliances, you have to ensure they are in good working condition to avoid any problems with tenants. Additionally, it is a tenant’s responsibility to take proper care of each appliance. 

Security Deposit Issues: the majority of tenants believe security deposit can be used to pay a monthly rent; therefore, make sure you clearly state in the contract this 

Late Payments: if you start having issues with receiving payments on time, talk with your tenant to see what the problem is and work together to resolve this in a way that will benefit both parties

Violation of Rules: tenants can violate the terms of your lease agreement. If this happens, you can notify them of their offense as a warning to avoid eviction.  

Illegal Use of Home: if a tenant is engaging in unlawful activities, make sure to give them a warning or find a solution that won’t affect you or your property legally.

Intentionally Damages: bad tenants can leave several damages before leaving, which makes it a good idea to fill out a rental inspection form. 

Needy or Demanding Tenants: unfortunately, landlords can avoid this situation. You need to have patience but if it happens too often, talk to your tenant.

Tenants Disrupt Neighbors: the best way to handle this is to let neighbors resolve this issue independently and only get yourself involved when necessary.

These are just some of the many challenges a landlord can face with tenants and a valid reason to sell their property. 

Selling a Rental Property

The ability to sell a house with tenants in Charleston is not as tricky as some homeowners might think. You can sell it with an ongoing lease; you have to analyze all the possible options to handle the process best to make it easier for all parties involved. 

If your tenant is moving out before you sell your property, make sure to do the following:

Make showing times easier for the tenant: notice tenants at least 24 hours before a showing. 

Ensure the property is left in good condition: after the current tenant leaves your property, do a cleaning service to make sure everything is clean for the next tenant.

Ask the tenant to leave before showings: potential buyers should move freely around the house with no restrictions or interruptions by the tenant.

Ensure the tenant is up to date with the rent: since the move-out date for the current tenant is coming up, make sure everything is in the right place regarding last payments. 

If your lease allows your tenant to stay for a more extended time, make sure you communicate your plans with the property. Let them know you are going to sell your property. 

Sell My House Fast in South Carolina

Selling a house with tenants in Charleston turns out to be more difficult, but we are here to make the process easier and faster. Steady Properties is the solution for your rental property. We know that sometimes putting your house in the market can be a long and expensive process. At Steady properties we buy houses in Charleston, SC, even rental properties as-is, with tenants. 

Guaranteed Benefits With Us

If you decide to work with us, you can guarantee that you will save more money than a selling agent. At Steady Properties, we don’t charge commissions, fees, closing costs, or repair costs. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the inspection and financing contingencies or appraisals. The best part is that you will get an immediate cash offer, and you have the final decision of how fast the process is taken care of and when to close the deal. 

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